Why NuWave Bravo XL

No More Guessing About Temperature
The Bravo XL puts you in control with NuWave’s famous precision temperature technology. You can be confident that once you set your cooking temperature – from 50˚ F to 500˚ F in 5-degree increments – the Bravo will reach that temperature precisely and hold it throughout the cooking cycle.
Top and Bottom Heat for Perfect Results
The Bravo XL channels 1800 Watts of power through 3 quartz heating elements on top and two on the bottom, cooking your food from the inside while superheated air circulates and seals in the juices. Better still, you are in control, setting the power levels for both top and bottom elements, as well as the fan speed, according to your recipes and your tastes.
Flavor Infusion Technology
Called Flavor Infusion Technology (FIT), this combination of adjustable power to the top and bottom heating elements as well as the superheated cyclonic air allows the Bravo XL to lock in flavor and juiciness, and improve crispiness, while cooking out unhealthy fats and oils.
Integrated Digital Temperature Probe: Cooking from the Inside Out
In addition to its FIT, the Bravo XL comes with an integrated temperature probe that controls the cooking cycle based on your food’s internal temperature rather than the oven temperature or cook time. Adjustable in precise, 1˚ F increments, the probe turns off the unit when the set internal temperature is reached. No more over- or under-cooking with the Bravo XL!
TRIAC: The Latest in Digital Kitchen Technology
Precise temperature control means the oven maintains the temperature you set, and that’s not always certain with analog ovens, which often produce uneven heat and unsatisfying results. The Bravo XL, however, uses the Triac digital switch, which keeps the Bravo XL at a precise, consistent temperature throughout the cooking cycle.
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